Monday, July 20, 2009

Groundhog tales

A little over a week ago, while I was sitting in physical therapy waiting on Taylor, I got a phone call from home. It was Thomas calling to tell me that Zaida had gotten a hold of something and killed it (I will spare you the details) and he was not sure what it was, but that it was big. When I got home and took a good look (Taylor said it was a grizzly bear! Actually it was a big groundhog!) Zaida then took off with it. Later that day, I asked her where it was and she took me down the front field to show me. She had buried it, but then dug it up to show me. Lovely! She then took it up to my garden and tried to bury it there. When I told her that it was TOO BIG to bury under MY ZUCCHINI PLANT she took it up into the woods. When Brian got home, I was outside telling him about it and out of the blue from behind the barn came Zaida with that thing in her mouth AGAIN so that she could show him her prize!
(In the picture you can see how big it is and that it was ALL she could carry!)

Now the story leads to yesterday. Brian and the boys had gone over to the other farm. I was reading the Sunday newspaper at the table when I spotted a little furry thing in the back yard. Oh how cute! I ran and grabbed my camera and ran out onto the back porch. It was already headed around front, so I went back through the house and out onto the front porch. Oliver (also known as "Olllie" or "The Wong") was lounging on the front porch in the sun. I looked down and there IT was in the mulch! Oh how cute and sweet it seemed!

But then, sweet little ground hog and Oliver noticed each other!

And it was a bit of a stare down for a minute or two.

Until the sweet little groundhog jumped up on the steps! Yikes!

And turned to look at "The Wong"!

It was at this point that I was a little worried and was thinking that I might have to jump up on the rocking chair. I noticed the toenails on that thing and thought the rocking chair may not be a good idea and it might climb up and eat me!

I stopped to take one last picture and quickly ran inside the front door, leaving "The Wong" to fend for himself! (Sorry, Wong!)

It was at this point when I guess the cat scared the critter and he ran down the steps and down the front yard. BUT Zaida had already come around the house to see what was going on and spotted the critter. I yelled for the little ground hog to run, but he must have not heard me or thought I was kidding!

I ran to get the broom and tried to help save the little ground hog, but.....
let's just say that groundhogs don't run very fast! (again, I will spare you the details)

Just another ordinary day of life in the country!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

19th Wedding Anniversary

Since I posted a wedding picture last year, here our a few of my favorite pictures from the first few years of being together, starting in 1987.

Brian sent me the following email back in 2005:
Subject: Article: Secret to wedded bliss - saying sorry>A British couple who hold the world record for the longest marriage said on Wednesday their success was down to a glass of whisky, a glass of sherry and the word "sorry."
He then followed up with his reply to me:
Subject: RE: Article: Secret to wedded bliss - saying sorry
"I will take care of the glass of whiskey and the glass of sherry and you can step up and take care of the sorry part."
What can I say? That's my husband!

Puppy Update

The sweet little puppy has gone to a foster home and hopefully with be adopted soon. Thanks so very much to AMR!

Monday, July 13, 2009

URGENT! Please help!

Someone dropped off three little puppies on our road early Saturday morning. They ran off that night but one came back the next morning. I am guessing that the storm on Sunday morning scared them and they got split up. We took the one that came back and put him in our little pen with a box, a towel, food and water. He is not even barking! He seems so happy to just be somewhere. He is a very calm, cute, and sweet puppy. Maybe 2-3 months old, I am guessing. We can not keep him. He will be going to the shelter tomorrow. If any one is interested or knows anyone interested, PLEASE call me IMMEDIATELY at xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Monday, July 06, 2009