Saturday, May 24, 2008

The past two weeks...

Our big buddy came back to visit. Why Zaida is licking her lips, I don't know. That turtle could probably eat her!

This is what happens when you are going to town and you pass a big mower/bush hog on the side of the highway and it just happens to throw something your way...

This is from the inside, looking out.

This is Thomas at his SF Baseball end of the year party.
Preschool is over for me this year. Thank you for the memories, all of my little friends!
I did get a wonderful surprise the last week of preschool - I got to meet the very famous Melissa from Stretch Marks! I have been a big fan of her blog for some time now and it was so nice to finally meet her. She is amazing!
I also got to meet Jaime Jamgochian, a Christian singer and song writer. She is very good friends with one of my preschool moms. I received her CD as a gift, and I love it! She has a very beautiful voice.

School is now over for the boys this year also, except for picking up report cards. The boys have both done great! Taylor made the basketball team again for next year, and I can not wait for the games to begin! Thomas is going to try out again in the Fall, and hopefully he will make it this time.
We have 3 more weeks of baseball, and basketball camps are about to start up. Taylor has several in June (one at Belmont College) with the SF team. Thomas has one in July at SF.

This is a little friend who came to visit last night, probably out of our field that was being raked for hay.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Last Saturday's Visitor

Last Saturday when Thomas and I got back from his basketball game, we had a visitor. He has visited us once before, in May of last year.

Brian says that he is a snapping turtle, but he seems very friendly!

I guess Zaida thinks we have a new pet, and she is probably wondering why we did not consult with her first.

He visited with us for several hours and then headed back down to the pond.