Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Memory

February 15, 2008

This year started with much of the same note as last year. On January 16, Brian's Father passed away. We had known that is was coming, and were able to spend alot of time with him during his last days.

In memory and in celebration of someone who made this world a brighter and better place.

Glenn and Wilma

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1.

A Look Back At 2007

Can you believe it? A whole year has gone by and I have not been able to update my blog. Well, I have been playing around with it and was able to add these pictures (it took me 7 1/2 straight hours). So... here it is......

Since we last updated our blog, there have been many changes in our lives. Here is a look back at the year of 2007.

January 2007

Getting settled. Lot's of unpacking, basketball games, and a family reunion in Lewisburg, Tn..

February 2007
On February 1, Brian's Mother had a hemorhagic stroke. It was very unexpected, and little did we know that it was going to change our lives forever. She had to have emergency surgery and was in the hospital until April 14, when she passed away. She was a wonderful Mother, Mother-in-law, and Nannie to us, and she loved her children and grandchildren dearly. It was very hard loosing her!
On March 19, we also lost our very good friend and neighbor from Spring Hill, Mrs. Johnnie Murphy. She had lost her battle with the cancer that had taken over her life for the past 7 months. Loosing her was also very hard! She and my mother-in-law were good friends.
These pictures were taken on February 2, 2007. Our first big snow in our new house. It was absolutely beautiful!

In April, we took a day trip to Fall Creek Falls! We carried a picnic and did ALOT of hiking! It was a great little trip, but we did stop and buy Epsom Salt for us all to soak in when we got home. (We are not in shape for hiking!)
Over the summer, we had lot's of baseball, basketball camps, swimming, a trip to Florida (always a must), a family reunion in Dickson, Tn., Thomas took a hunters safety course, and Brian and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary!

This is a very large snapping turtle that wandered into our front yard in the summer.

The grass is beginning to grow!

Henry Horton State Park! They have a great pool! Thomas loves the diving board!
Thomas played Major League Baseball in Spring Hill over the summer, and then on the Santa Fe summer league.

Taylor made the High School Basketball Team at Santa Fe!

November 2007
My cousin, Eddie, finally got married!
This is a family picture that we had made just before the ceremony. We ending up using it in the Christmas cards.

Beautiful Fall Photo looking off our back porch.

December 2007
A storm is coming!

Ameri-gas finally came to hook up our tank and gas for the fireplace. Bring on the cold weather!

Lot's of Santa Fe basketball!

Our first Christmas in our new home. The Christmas tree was too big! We were very busy going to basketball games, and taking care of Brian's Father whose health was rapidly declining! We spent alot of time with him over the past few months.

Taylor and myself, on my 40th birthday! (We just came from one of his basketball games.)