Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures from the past few weeks.

Taylor playing AAU basketball for East Hickman. He is number 13 (black/gray shirts).

Jump ball.

Taylor took this picture with his new camera when he went walking on Papa Jack's land. This is on a hill overlooking Watervalley.

Thomas playing 3rd base for the major league Spring Hill baseball Rotary Team.

Another walk down to the creek with Thomas. This is the view of our house from the creek. Our house is on the right. The house on the left is my Aunt and Uncle's house (that is where my Grandparent's house used to sit). When I was little, my cousin's and I would walk down to this creek to play.

Thomas, on his bike, with Zaida right behind him going back up to the house.

Taylor (the big guy, with "Coach" on his back) and his little team in Santa Fe that he is helping to coach.

Thomas (number 1 - black shirt) playing in the Santa Fe Youth Basketball League.

Taylor (tall one on the left) and his team.

Thomas (number 1 - black shirt) scores! His team won this game, 32 - 16. Thomas scored 10 points in this game!